Why Content Is King?

It is not a revelation that content constitutes the core of social media marketing. It can appear in all shapes and sizes: as texts, images, videos, podcasts, music and many others.

A good content should enrich and engage* social media users. It should give your audience the additional value they are keen on. The social media space is to the utmost social, so that all social interactions apply. If you give out value, people will reciprocate it in a number of ways you count on. That’s why you should care of the quality of your content. I always say that a good content should fulfill at least one of these two values: expertise or entertainment. Why? Because these qualities enrich your audience, give that additional value, either knowledge or amusement.

There are a number of benefits of producing a worthwhile and interesting content. For clarity, I always extinguish between two main advantages which are: SEO and PR.

Here is how it works:

1. Why SEO?

A good content becomes sharable – people want to put it forward throughout their networks. Therefore your site gets more traffic and better online exposure – better page rank.

2. Why PR?

  1. Because people start talking about your company/product – your brand gains publicity and recognition.
  2. Users interact with your brand – relationships are being made.
  3. People became ambassadors of your brand.
  4. You get instant feedback on your actions.

Graphically it looks as follows:

Content -> Engagement -> Reactions -> Results

*Engagement signifies interactions/ processes that users make with your content, i.e. share, comment, discuss, recommend or go even further and act with your intent, i.e. purchase, subscribe. If the content is not engaging it means it is left forgotten and doesn’t cause any users’ reactions.


A Few Words About Social Media

These days everyone is talking about social media. Moreover, you have heard that your business should be on social media too, in order to thrive and even survive. Yes, that’s true, but before embarking on any platform or hiring a digital agency to take care of your online presence, it’s worth realising first, what social media is, how does it work and why on earth you should be there? Otherwise, you will be rambling blindly, without possibility to determine if you are gaining or loosing. This blog is dedicated to show and explain some social media mechanisms.

What is what?

Social media unable people to make social interactions between each other (i.e. becoming friends on Facebook), but most importantly, they are means of distributing and propagating the content. In other words, social media are tools which unable your content to be distributed thanks to interactions with other people. The most popular social media platforms are: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs. Once you publish your content, be it text (an article), podcast, picture etc. social media helps you to scale its popularity.

Social media – new public relations?

I would say that activity in social media is a new form of public relations. Similarly we could say that social media channels are new newspapers, magazines, TV/radio programmes and users are new journalists. And here is a point. The bottom line of social media marketing is sales – nothing changes here, the same in the offline world. But the weight is – should be – put on social interactions with real people. In social media space, social interactions apply – based on all human rules. There is a two-way communication – not like in the traditional media, where only one-way communication applies. It poses benefits but also risks to the brand. On the one hand a company gains an instant feedback on its actions, on the other hand, it has no control over users’ reactions. That little control makes crucial for a company to double care about its relationships with the users it affects.

How To Make Transient Guests Your Loyal Followers?

You have an amazing traffic to your site, but somehow it doesn’t help increasing your sales or building your subscription list? You scratch your head thinking what are you doing wrong as people are coming and instantly taking off your site as Alexa.com is showing relentlessly.

A great page rank, but a miserable engagement on your site means that the content you offer presents no value to your prospective followers. Increased traffic tells that you are good at SEO – you use appropriate keywords, headlines, backlinks, etc., but your content is not good enough to make the guests of your site your loyal readers.

So how to make them loyal? Here are three tips on how to make the content appealing and compelling to your readers:

1. Research your target audience.

First, you need to know who your potential readers are and what their needs are. You need to be knowledgeable of what your target audience is looking for, set yourself into their mindset and write about what they want to read about.

2. Don’t write about yourself!

Either this is personal or business blog, never brag about yourself/ your product/ brand. Why on earth someone would like to follow your blog, or subscribe to your list if you are doing a pure self-promotion? Activities on social media are more of PR kind than advertising. Put a sales-pitch style of writing aside and let other people spread word about you.

3. Give out only valuable content.

If you have nothing worthwhile to talk about, it’s better not to talk at all, rather than trying to push out a content of a doubtful value to your readers. In the meantime you can concentrate on answering to comments, get into conversations and discussions on other sites/ blogs from your industry. It is a great way to highlight your presence across other networks in your business and drive new stream of users to your site.